Transcription Services

The main purpose of our website is to assist you, dear friends, with online transcription services. But what does it include and how can I easily order the transcription? You will ask us. We will gladly answer to all your enquiries.

Online transcription services

We Specialize in Transcribing:

  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Video
  • Audio Tape
  • Micro Cassettes
  • Mini Discs
  • CD / DVD
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • MPEG
  • MOV
  • AVI

Transcription services for:

  • Media
  • Business
  • Legal
  • Deposition
  • Technical
  • Interview
  • Market research
  • Focus group
  • Group discussion
  • Research interview
  • Lecture
  • Dissertation
  • Conference call
  • Seminar
  • Church Sermon Transcription
Online transcription services

Digital Transcription Services

If you need a reliable and convenient transcription service, than you have come exactly to the right place, as our transcription company can entirely meet and exceed all your expectations in performing this task.

Our experienced transcribers and unique professional services have made a huge contribution to the development of a transcribing process and to the digital audio transcription in particular.

Digital Transcription Services:What Do We Offer?

  • We can download your audio files for you from your website, or you can send your audio files to us
  • Your completed transcripts will be sent to you as an email attachment
  • They can be printed whenever and as many times as you like
  • We also save digital copies of your transcripts in case your copy gets lost or damaged and will send you another copy whenever you need it free of charge

And these are not all our services. Digital transcription services serve us to save time and money in sending your audio tapes to us.

We can start on your digital audio transcription almost straight away, when we receive it and your precious time is fully in your disposal.

Digital Audio Transcription:The Priorities And References

It is not denying the fact, that digital transcription is our future

  • If you are still using that old inconvenient tape recorder to seize your significant audio, try to make the switch to the digital transcription world
  • Now you have a possibility to have your files stored on your computer and being able to access them at any time
  • We can work also with cassettes or microcassettes, if your files are not digital

Not only that, but by using our digital transcription service, you forget all your troubles with tape-recorders or other clunky devices.

Digital audio transcription is an easy way to your success!

Please take into account, that there are a lot of digital voice recorders now available, notable for example among them are the Olympus WS300M, Olympus DS-30, Olympus WS-311M, Sony ICD-SX57, Sony ICD-U60, Olympus WS-100, many of these are used by busy businessmen for recording notes or minutes of conference meetings.

As one prominent politician has said: “Try to win the battle more than one to win it”. All means are good, investigate, search and choose the most appropriate variant for your digital transcription.

We digitize all material we receive in, thus never transcribing directly from your original source material when we begin digital transcription.

Become our clients without fail and all your hopes and expectations will live up! Trust our skilled transcribers and contact us to receive professional digital transcription services.