Transcription Services

The main purpose of our website is to assist you, dear friends, with online transcription services. But what does it include and how can I easily order the transcription? You will ask us. We will gladly answer to all your enquiries.

Online transcription services

We Specialize in Transcribing:

  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Video
  • Audio Tape
  • Micro Cassettes
  • Mini Discs
  • CD / DVD
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • MPEG
  • MOV
  • AVI

Transcription services for:

  • Media
  • Business
  • Legal
  • Deposition
  • Technical
  • Interview
  • Market research
  • Focus group
  • Group discussion
  • Research interview
  • Lecture
  • Dissertation
  • Conference call
  • Seminar
  • Church Sermon Transcription
Online transcription services

Transcription Companies

Now, our dear visitors of our home page, we want to give you useful information in the field of transcription of different files and formats.

Not long time ago it was impossible to use the services of transcription. But nowadays it is not a problem at all. And there exist plenty of transcribing companies, which are ready to offer their services. But not all of them are really trusted transcription companies

Transcription Companies: Main Kinds Of Transcriptions

We provide a wide variety of transcription services and our satisfactory clients are ready to give you an appropriate information!

What kinds of transcription do you know? Let us remember the most widespread:

  • Media transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Mp3 transcription
  • Video and audio transcription
  • Low prices
  • Telephone transcription and many others

The results of transcribing the given material depend on the level of complexity and size.

Transcription Companies: Our Major Advantages

Many transcribing companies offer these services, and transcribe them into Microsoft Word format.

As for us, we do not tell much about our professionalism or guarantee 100% success! All this make other transcription companies, but our transcription services company is well-known for not describing its priorities, but to show its main functions and readiness in the process!

We are a really highly esteemed professional company, which is ready to assist all your requirements!

Transcribing Company. The Letter From a Client

One of our clients was so satisfied, that he insisted on leaving the letter, and his comments.

"Transcription company did a gorgeous job! The transcripts were incredibly accurate, and they made the transcription exactly as promised. Both staff and management were so professional and courteous, and responded quickly to any enquiries I had during the project. In addition, the price was reasonable - the best price I could find for both the quality and speed. I highly recommend this transcription company to others, and I will certainly use it again in the future!", John Lam, University of Michigan.

Transcribing services companies are the best helpers, but not all of them deserve real attention.

Our huge experience and superior expertise enables us to understand customer requirements and deliver quality transcripts.

Please convince of this yourself! We will gladly give you the appropriate assistance, which solves any problem and you receive the best results and successful fulfillment of your transcription material!

Every detail of your requirements is our priority and the most important thing. If you want us to do something else for you, keep in mind that we are always here and hope for future cooperation with you!

Have no worries with your transcription, as our transcribing company will perform the task excellently according to all basic rules and style!