Transcription Services

The main purpose of our website is to assist you, dear friends, with online transcription services. But what does it include and how can I easily order the transcription? You will ask us. We will gladly answer to all your enquiries.

Online transcription services

We Specialize in Transcribing:

  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Video
  • Audio Tape
  • Micro Cassettes
  • Mini Discs
  • CD / DVD
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • MPEG
  • MOV
  • AVI

Transcription services for:

  • Media
  • Business
  • Legal
  • Deposition
  • Technical
  • Interview
  • Market research
  • Focus group
  • Group discussion
  • Research interview
  • Lecture
  • Dissertation
  • Conference call
  • Seminar
  • Church Sermon Transcription
Online transcription services

Internet Transcription Services

Our professional company deals with all transcription services, and is fully meets the requirements of all clients. How do you think, whether many people now need the help of internet transcription?

Yes, you think in the right direction. Students, businessmen and many other people from different spheres need the help transcription services.

We are at a constant pursuit to fulfill all types of your transcription demands. Fusion makes varied use of up-to-date technology to ensure consistent high quality conversion of your audio video to a text output voice transcription.

Business Transcription Services: The Strategy And Fulfillment Of Transcription

As the famous proverb says “Business before pleasure”. And we have take this statement as our main credo.

As you know, dear friends, business transcription is the service of converting audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries, for all types of businesses. And it is widely admitted a high rate of usage various kinds of transcription services.

The seminars are usually recorded in the micro cassettes, audio files, (wav, vox, dss, mp3) Internet, VHS or DAT.

Transcribing using our transcription services has become as easy as two plus two! After recording, the voice file is downloaded; next you can listen to it on your PC while you type; lastly, upload the completed report to our internet transcription services. Our clients can then restore the file at your convenience.

Business Transcription occupies almost all fields. Do you know what are the most widespread spheres of usage Business transcription services?

  • It is basically to transcribe conference calls
  • Meetings
  • Seminars and analyst calls

It also covers the areas like budget planning session, sales meeting, and other business conversations. It is about transcribing conference calls with maximum accuracy and high security for confidential contents.

Internet Transcription Services:What Do We Receive?

The most important fact, that should be mentioned, is that nowadays people can use transcription services very easily through the internet. It is very convenient way to receive a high quality assistance and be ready to revise it. Our professional transcribers make all job for you with maximum turn-around and little appliance of efforts.

You receive first of all the best transcription services and the easy way to success!

Do not worry and wholly entrust us, leave this difficult assignments to skilled specialists. Be with us and contact our services straight away. The prices of internet transcription services are the lowest in the market today. We guarantee the 100% high quality fulfillment of your transcription!